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Precision Driven Valuation with Crossroads

Crossroads redefines the Automated Valuation Model (AVM) landscape, standing out from typical AVMs in the  market. Our platform receives daily updates with sales data, meticulously analyzed by experts familiar with key  property value determinants. This expert scrutiny ensures the use of trusted appraisal techniques, enabling precise  value extraction for various amenities in the context of local market trends.

Easy online access and quick reports

With Crossroads, you can easily log in online without downloading anything. Use it as much or as little as you  want, and if you subscribe monthly, you get unlimited access. Put in a property’s details and get its value right away.  Plus, you’ll get a simple report showing the property’s value range, nearby comparisons, and a map to see where  they are in relation to your property.

Data gathering and insightful tools

Crossroads utilizes data often seen in traditional appraisals like quality, condition ratings, living area sizes, and  various other amenities. If you don’t have an appraisal on hand, you can still gather this info from other places. To  make this easier, we offer training videos on the AppraiseUP site to help you understand how to decide on things  like quality, condition, and land values. While some factors are about your opinion, others need specific details, like a room’s  size in square feet or a solar system’s wattage. Once you input these, Crossroads uses its vast database to  automatically determine and apply the value.

Ken Wells

The Premier Valuation Expert in Las Cruces and Doña Ana County 

Managing Member & Owner

Las Cruces and Doña Ana County’s real estate landscape has its nuances, and no one understands them  better than Ken Wells. As the Managing Member & Owner, Ken’s journey spans 42 years in the real estate  sector, with 11 of those dedicated to certified appraisals. Over the years, he observed that many property  adjustments, especially concerning amenities, lacked proper backing. This, coupled with constraints in  market assessments, often led to misrepresentations. Determined to elevate the accuracy and integrity of  valuations, Ken pioneered the Crossroads system, initially tailored specifically for Doña Ana County. Utilizing  custom Excel workbooks, he harnessed algorithmic precision to capture genuine market inclinations,  distancing from subjective biases. The past 4 years have witnessed Ken’s relentless efforts in enhancing  Crossroads’ reliability. In 2020, this vision expanded when he collaborated with Dewayne Langley to birth  AppraiseUP, LLC. Beyond the charts and trend lines, Ken cherishes quiet moments on his suburban home’s  back porch, reflecting his deep connection to the community he serves.

Dewayne Langley


In the heart of the real estate ecosystem, Dewayne stands out as a dynamic entrepreneur, melding his  experience as a licensed real estate agent with his hands-on knowledge as a residential home builder.  Recognizing the potential to elevate the home valuation landscape with cutting-edge technology, he joined  forces with Ken to birth AppraiseUp in 2020. Central New Mexico may be his origin, but Northwest Arkansas  has embraced him as one of its own. Away from the digital world of property analytics and strategizing for  Crossroads, Dewayne is passionately connected to the great outdoors – whether it’s hiking, kayaking, or  embracing the thrill of fishing and hunting.

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