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What We Provide


Accurate Valuations

Utilizing industry-standard appraisal methods for each comparable sale in our extensive database.


Targeted comparisons

Advanced filtering tools ensure like-for-like property matching, optimizing accuracy for your specific real estate assessment.


Instant and affordable

Valuation is available immediately; avoid delays and move forward with your real estate transaction.

CROSSROADS: The Premier Valuation Model

Surpassing standard AVM’s Crossroads blends the precision of appraisals for top-tier property valuations

Make Informed Decisions with Confidence

With major investments at stake, every decision is crucial. Choose Crossroads for unparalleled insight into local market trends and a vast property database.



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Unlimited access, one flat rate!

For just $25/month, unlock unlimited valuations, subsequent assessments, and detailed grid reports. Ready to dive in?

Tailored Valuation Solutions: Bankers, Realtors, & Appraisers Welcome

Bank & Mortgage Lenders

Home equity lending, renewals

Research or confirm property value

Call note renewals

Find comparable properties

Thorough property checks

Real Estate Agents

Assist in deciding list price

Evaluate asking price

Understand market trends

Anticipate appraisal value

Determine effect of repairs


Support Opinion of Value

Amenity adjustment

Time adjustment

Determine scope of work

Find comparable properties

Your Path to Precision with Crossroads

1.Instant access

Create an account and immediately dive into accurate valuations!

2. Master the basics

Check out our concise video tutorials for a quick start.

3. Hands on learning

Try out a few valuations – Our printable guides ensure you’re on the right track.

4. Trust your insight

Conduct home valuations with the assurance of accurate property assessments.

Help Us Enhance Crossroads’ Valuation Experience

Your insights drive our improvements. Share how we can make your valuation journey even better.

Dedicated Support for Your Valuation Needs

Embrace the precision and benefits of CROSSROADS with ease. While it’s a step above standard tools, we  ensure a smooth transition and journey for you. See the value of your CROSSROADS investment swiftly  with our always-available support.

Whether it's a phone call or video chat, our seasoned CROSSROADS specialists are ready to assist and guide you. CONTACT US TODAY

Valuation Tools & Insights

Dive deeper into the world of property valuations with our rich collection of resources. From detailed  walkthroughs to handy guides and answers to your burning questions, everything you need to master  CROSSROADS is right here.  

In Depth video walkthroughs

Discover the power of Crossroads with step-by-step tutorials

Comprehensive Printable Materials

Downloadable guides tailored to elevate your valuation experience


Get clarity on Crossroads and the valuation process with our frequently asked questions

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